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you will immediately get a job, this certification will provide additional credentials that you can share on LinkedIn, resume, or GitHub. If you’re interested in pursuing Tensorflow certification . learn how here , and join the worldwide Tensorflow Ahmad studied Information Engineering Certificate Network . Psst, currently (November 2020), there are only 46 Tensorflow certificate holders from Indonesia whose names are listed on this network. Are you ready to be the 47th? Happy learning, happy starting your journey to becoming a machine learning developer! 7 Practical Steps to Start a Career Becoming a Machine Learning Developer-end Check out other articles about Machine Learning What is Machine Learning? Along with its meaning and how it works talent with global standards. Since 2015 Dicoding has grown as

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with more than 370,000 members from 515 cities in Indonesia. Furthermore, as many as 1,100 members from pioneering companies ( startups) also take advantage of Dicoding programs to motivate, support and improve the quality of their digital work. Embracing such a large developer ecosystem, our commitment remains the same . To produce ws number list quality developers whose expertise is really needed by Indonesia in this era of accelerated digitalization . In fact, according to data published by the World Bank, Indonesia needs 600,000 digital human resources every year. All in order to advance digital transformation in all aspects of life.

This work proves that you not

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Online, in Indonesian, and comprehensively include 6 learning path options with a global industry curriculum, namely: 1) Android Developer; 2) Azure Cloud Developer; 3) Front-End Web Developer; 4) iOS Developer; 5) Multi-Platform Developer; and 6) Machine Learning Developer. Each stream contains graded levels of classes from basic to professional level. We only teach curriculum from world technology patrons such as Google, IBM, Microsoft, Line, and AWS so that Indonesian developers are ready to compete and have global careers. Of course, trying to present high standard material like this is very challenging for a company with 35 personnel.  In 2019, Dicoding also became the first Indonesian

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