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path at Dicoding Indonesia. In this class, you will learn about the basics of the Python language, operations, variables, loops & conditions, functions & libraries, and case study examples. 4. Learn Machine Learning The fourth step, start learning about machine learning by taking the Learning Machine Learning for Beginners class , the third class in the ML learning path at Dicoding. In this class, you will learn about machine learning algorithms such as classification, regression, clustering, dimensionality reduction, support vector machines, and neural networks. You will also get basic knowledge about how these algorithms work as well as practice applying them to machine learning models in this class. 5. Learn Intermediate Machine Learning .

After passing the Learning Machine

Learning for Beginners class, continue with Learning Machine Learning Development . Deploying machine learning models to production is an important skill that ML developers must master . The model needs to be deployed to the production process so that the machine learning model is useful for the decision making process. Otherwise, the impact of your machine learning model will be very limited. This class discusses the implementation of machine learning using TensorFlow which is often found in industry, such as creating models for computer vision problems, natural language processing, time series data prediction, recommendation systems, and reinforcement learning . This class will also teach how to deploy .

ML models to production and tips for doing so.

Connecting Knowledge by Sharing Next, start writing and sharing stories about your learning process and the knowledge you have learned on social media such as LinkedIn, personal blogs, or on other platforms such as Medium. Rewriting study material makes your learning experience even richer. Sharing stories and knowledge on LinkedIn or other media will expand your network and make people know who you are. In this way, the opportunity to be noticed by the recruiter becomes even greater. 7. Show your expertise with the Tensorflow Developer Certification. The final step, show your expertise in the field of deep learning and machine learning by taking the Tensorflow Developer certification. This certification aims to test your ability to solve various machine learning problems by creating models using Tensorflow 2.x. Although there is no guarantee that by having Tensorflow certification

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