This app is unique because it is designed

Google in the form of an Independent Campus where Dicoding acts as a curriculum provider equivalent to 20 credits; Digital Talent Scholarship program with the Ministry of Communication and Information; Baparekraf Developer Talent program; IDCamp program with Indosat Ooredoo; IBM New Scholar & Skill Accelerator Center program, LINE Developer Academy program, etc. From the Challenge side, we have released a total of 191 digital This app is unique because it is designed work competitions . The results were 6,000 applications and games from participating developers which were successful in gaining more than 225 million downloads. Pilar Event – our IT seminar activity platform – has implemented more than 1,000 offline and online events of national caliber such as Baparekraf

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The event has attracted nearly 100,000 participants at home and abroad. Lastly, the Job feature has become a mainstay for nearly 200 of our company partners ranging from Gojek, ExxonMobile, to startups, to look for developer candidates whatsapp database from Academy graduates. Furthermore, CEO and Founder of Dicoding, Narenda Wicaksono, said: “Now all nations are moving towards a digital world that relies on technological innovation in all aspects of life. We believe that technology education is the foundation for every nation to be at the forefront in facing the digital world. We want to strengthen our commitment as a technology education platform that helps produce global standard digital talent. All in order to accelerate Indonesia in this pandemic era so that it can rise to the forefront .” To start learning programming at Dicoding.

participants can take advantage of the features

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Subscription; 2) Scholarships from partners (available at certain times, according to the scholarship timeline); or 3) Monthly Education Scholarship ( ). As a form of solidarity during this pandemic, Dicoding¬† has also distributed Healthy Scholarships to more than 25,000 Indonesian developers. Registration for studies at Dicoding is open at any time. For further information, please visit the website or Dicoding’s social media (IG: @dicoding; FB: @dicoding; Twitter: @dicoding; Youtube: Dicoding Indonesia). Recommendationproduce attractive features and appearance

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