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The following are the classes in question: Learn to Create Augmented Reality Learn to Create Virtual Reality Learn to Create Mixed Reality Learn to Make Games for Beginners Become a Game Developer Expert The following classes are only accepting He used scrapping techniques to create registration until Thursday, December 31, 2020 at 23:59. Starting Friday, January 1 2021, classes will be closed. For students who have previously registered for the class and are still active, they can still access the class until it is finished. Students who wish to take this class are advised to register no later than December 31 2020 at 23:59 and can still access it until the end.Practical Steps to Start a Career as a Machine Learning Developer According to LinkedIn research, artificial intelligence is one of

The skills with the fastest growth.

In its report entitled 2020 Emerging Job Report , LinkedIn stated that the recruitment trend for these two roles grew by 74% over the last 4 years. Not surprisingly, AI specialist with the main skills of Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Tensorflow, Python, and Natural Language Processing was named first place in the most emerging job in ws data the US in 2020. In the same release for Indonesia, AI specialist was also ranked first . The Indonesian government has declared AI as a strategic technology in line with the industrial revolution 4.0. Various policies were created to accelerate AI development and encourage innovation. Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning are synonymous with innovation. So, how is AI innovation useful in everyday life? When we shop online, have we ever thought, why the e-commerce screen is filled

with items that we might be looking for?

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When we watch YouTube shows, how can YouTube provide recommendations for videos that we might like? Other examples are music recommendations on Spotify, and movie recommendations on Netflix. All of those mentioned above are recommendation systems, innovations from machine learning, a branch of AI. Very interesting, right? But it would be even more interesting if we didn’t just become consumers of all these AI innovation products. Imagine that we are part of taking part in creating various AI and machine learning innovations. Of course we would be proud if we could simplify and help the lives of many people through technological innovation. In what way? Becoming a machine learning developer is one of them. But I don’t have an information engineering background, I didn’t study machine learning in college. “There is nothing impossible to him who will try.” — Alexander the Great. That’s right! Nothing

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