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chose a job offer from PTPN IX. Juggling between studying and a full-time internship for a total of 14 hours per day, Ahmad admits that his greatest strength comes from his parents and wife who always support him. Even though he was tired, the presence Content Writer at Dicoding Keys for of his 6-month-old son was always an encouragement. #3 Learn Fast and Structured Programming Looking back, it would be impossible for him to achieve all this without improving his skills as a developer. This member of Dicoding since February 2017 has proven to be a fast learner at Dicoding Academy. In 2 months of subscribing, he has passed dozens of classes in the Android, iOS, and Flutter learning path. “My internship experience at BUMN required me to be able to do many things,” said Ahmad. “I used to think that certificates were not important.

I think I have enough knowledge.

It turns out that for professional purposes too, Dicoding certification is important. So we have a portfolio. Dicoding classes are structured because they are learning from scratch, directed, and there are case studies to help understand. “Moreover, there are expert reviewers who have been globally certified (Associate Android Developer).” He admitted whatsapp data that among all the study options in Dicoding, his favorite class was Learning Fundamentals of Android Applications (BFAA) . “The BFAA class was very useful for me as a mobile developer. I got all the fundamental knowledge, so I understand the basics and can solve problems .” Even though he is still in college, Ahmad does not hesitate to invest his money and time in studying. He said: “

The cost I paid to buy a class in Dicoding

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Was not much compared to the benefits. What is given, is really needed by the industry. Worth it” Closing the conversation that afternoon, he shared his experience that developers understand the basics of programming, then frameworks from a basic level. so that later you can be flexible in learning any programming, be it web, Android, iOS or multiplatform. So when studying, don’t forget to master the principles of “Clean Architecture.” With this principle, even if we leave an app for a long time, it will be easier for us to fix/maintain the app in the future. 3 Keys to Getting Developers Job Applications While Still Studying – end Check out other similar articles below: Still studying, already accepted to work at Unicorn: HWe would like to inform you that starting January 1, 2021, there will be several classes closed at Dicoding Academy.

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