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/assignment, he learned to create his first portfolio, namely “Udinus Mobile,” an application for his own campus. This application is a one stop solution for students’ Study Plan Cards (KRS), grade transcripts, and payment of tuition fees. Because Will continue the material again there was no database, the app. It worked! “I’m really happy when I know my work is appreciated . Especially by my friends who feel like they’re up to date!” exclaimed.  Ahmad, who at that time was still in semester  .  Take an Internship Program Later, his initial portfolio led him to the opportunity of the Certified Student Internship Program . PMMB is an initiative of the Indonesian Human Capital Forum (FHCI) to produce human resources who are globally competitive.

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And the industrial sector, internships are a valuable provision so that students are ready to face the challenges of working in the real industrial world. To get a slot in the PMMB program, Ahmad took a recruitment test which is notoriously difficult. He was whatsapp number list happy to finally be able to qualify for an industry certified internship opportunity for 6 (six) months. During February – August 2020 Ahmad also underwent a full-time internship program at PTPN IX as a mobile developer. He was challenged to create a presence application with facial recognition and GPS for planters, aka company plantation employees, to be absent. to function offline.

Ahmad designed it to be suitable for use

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By plantation employees who work in the field and who lack stable internet. After 1 month of project and field testing, PTPN IX finally decided to use a new in-house app made by Ahmad. The company saves 22 million rupiah per month because it no longer needs apps from software house vendors, aka third parties. At the end of his 6 month internship period in August 2020, he not only produced the app, but also a reporting system (flutter), a risk management system, an application for recording the cutting – loading – transport system for plantation commodities, as well as an online dashboard. Not surprisingly, Ahmad’s persistence bore sweet fruit. He was rewarded with proposals from two companies to him as a developer. Ahmad, who is currently still working on his thesis,

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