What are the Most Important Digital Skills

To measure and track site and campaign performance and to ultimately understand their customers.up until 2020 the interface was known as universal analytics (ua). It is being supersee by google analytics 4 (ga4) and indee ua will be fully retire by 2023. It’s clear that ga4 is here to stay and it will soon be the only analytics platform from google. So whether you’re a fan. Or not. Now is the time to migrate your website from ua to ga4! Many users of ua have found the transition to ga4 to been painful and it gets put on the back burner. Google analytics has always been the go-to platform for most anyone working in digital marketing. 

It made them reassess what they wanted from their careers

It made them reassess what they wanted from their careers and resulte in a total career change or move to a more flexible role. 2022 is going to be an interesting new data year for the sector as many marketers figure out a way of working that suits them. Ultimately. It’s shifte the control to the employee as increase demand for skills offers more choice on how and where they work. Orla stack. Hr director at the digital marketing institute (dmi) believes that candidates are in the driving seat in 2022. “the world of working has change the way we look at how candidates and employees view the market. And how employers view it as well

It's painting that picture

It’s painting that picture of what it’s like to work in a remote environment. And what’s available to an employee. And the supports that are there if you have UAE Phone Number a hybrid environment. What that looks like.” plus. It’s not just about salary or perks anymore. “for candidates looking at roles. They’re looking at opportunities outside of salary and benefits. They want flexibility and career opportunities. It’s going to be a very challenging year for employers. But for candidates or anybody looking for a change. They’ve got such a choice.” states stack.

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