This is what makes web browsers

 Logic that previously had to be handled on the server side can now be completely handled on the client side, all thanks to JavaScript. 4. Many companies implement JS Who doesn’t want to work at a startup? Yes, I definitely want to, if the salary is big hehe. You will be needed by companies like startups if you are serious about learning JavaScript. JavaScript ranks 4th in terms of highest developer salaries in 2018 with the average income being $105,415 (Techrepublic). Imagine if it was converted into rupiah? Moreover, this year it could be even bigger. And what’s even sweeter is if you work as a Google developer, etc. because they all have implemented JavaScript as supporting technology. And that also depends on your programming level and work position. 5. Community Support This is one of the reasons JavaScript is loved by many developers.

With good community support

Support from the community is important in choosing a programming language. Of course, if you are developing an application, and find a bug . it will be easier for you to find solutions to these bugs . Tools Used to Learn JavaScript What tools should you prepare to learn JavaScript? Especially for beginners, you just need to use the whatsapp database following tools : Web Browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc.) Text Editor (recommendation: VS Code) Node js Getting to know the JavaScript Console Many people say, “Learning JavaScript is difficult, it’s not like learning HTML. “Because when you see the results in a web browser, the error message doesn’t appear.” This opinion is not true because you can see it via the console . First open Google Chrome, then right click select.

You can also directly add program

Inspect Console. console image code to the browser console . console.log (“Hallo sobat Dicoding!”) If you use node, then you can do the following: terminal nodes We can conclude that the console can be used to test a function or JavaScript code. We can also use Console to view error messages when debugging programs. So what else? You can conclude it yourself . Example of Basic Coding with JavaScript If so, let’s try to practice by Uae Phone Number writing the following program code. You can use a text editor  Why? In 2016 alone, around 92% of web creations used JS, especially in recent years. Of course, websites created with JS will   look at it in a text editor, it will look like this: vscode Please open the learn2.html file by just double clicking. So the output is like this: browser jsHey, be more dynamic.

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