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He is one of the wealthiest people in Canada. 32. Alex Shevchenko Net Worth: $2.2B Age: 43 Alex Shevchenko, along with fellow Ukrainian entrepreneurs Max Livy and Dmytro Lieder, co-found. the widely us. grammar checking tool, Grammarly, back in 2009. Before this venture, they collaborated. on a previous startup call. My Dropbox, focusing on plagiarism detection. Originally conceiver. to aid students with their writing by improving grammar and spelling, Grammarly has evolve. to serve a vast user base, boasting over 30 million daily users.

Investors such as Baillie  The company’s Gifford and BlackRock

In a significant milestone, the company secur. a substantial investment of $200 million at a valuation of $13 billion in November 2021, with support from notable latest database investors such as Baillie Gifford and BlackRock. He rightfully earn. his place among the richest men in Canada. 33. Max Lytvyn Net Worth: $2.2B Age: 43 Max Lytvyn, along with Alex Shevchenko and Dmytro Lider, co-found. the widely us. grammar checking tool Grammarly back in 2009. Presently, Max holds the position of head of revenue at the company. Before Grammarly, this trio of Ukrainian-born entrepreneurs collaborat. on a previous venture call. My Dropbox, which focus. on a plagiarism detection service. Their inspiration for launching Grammarly stemm.

In a significant financial move

From a desire to create a subscription-bas. product that would assist students in improving their grammar and spelling. Over time, the company  evolve. its model UAE Phone Number to freemium. Nowadays, Grammarly has a massive user base, claiming to reach over 30 million individuals daily. It’s noteworthy that esteem. organizations like Zoom, Cisco, and Dell count among their prominent clients., Grammarly scur. a substantial investment of $200 million in November 2021, valuing the company at an impressive $13 billion. 

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