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Following the sale of Seagram, Charles, who had once serv. as co-chair of the company, shift. his focus towards philanthropy. He author. two books on the subject and committee. to The Giving, a promise to donate a substantial portion of his wealth to charitable causes. Charles Bronfman direct. much of his philanthropic efforts, totaling at least $350 million, toward promoting Canadian culture and fostering stronger connections between the Jewish community and Israel.

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As for the Bronfman legacy, Charles’s son, Stephen, has taken the helm of Claridge, the private investment firm bas. in Montreal that Charles himself  new database found. back in 1987. No wonder he appears in our list of the richest Canadians. 31. Mitchell Godhra Net Worth: $2.3B Age: 62 In the early 1990s, Mitchell Goldarn establish. SmartCentres, a real estate firm that saw significant growth over the next two decades with the development of more than 265 shopping centers. Then, in May 2015, he made a substantial move by selling most of Smart Centers’ assets to Smart REIT (formerly known as Calloway REIT) for a substantial sum of approximately $880 million.

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Comprising shares, cash, and assume. debt. Golghar, now the chairman of Smartest, continues to be a prominent figure in the real estate landscape, also having UAE Phone Number significant holdings across Canada through his private enterprise, Penguin Investments. One notable joint venture is a stake in the expansive Vaughan Metropolitan Centre, a meticulously plan. 100-acre development situat. north of Toronto, in collaboration with Smartest. Beyond his real estate ventures, Golghar has diversify. interests. , Maccabi Tel Aviv FC, a team that achieve. victory in the Israeli club league in 2019. Personally, he enjoys staying active by engaging. 

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