Do not use your blog as a channel for

 A blog is an excellent tool to capture prospects at the top of the conversion funnel — to learn more about them, we recommend watching this video — and digital marketing actions should be designed for that purpose . Do not use your blog as a channel for promoting products or services; treat it as a space to get closer, through content that adds value, to the people likely to become your clients. If you focus on what matters to your readers and move just a little away from what your business needs to convey, you will be closer to retaining and establishing honest and fruitful relationships with your audience.

The form cannot be treated as a minor

To achieve this efficiently; the writing, images, videos business database and all the elements that accompany the content must be consistent with the audience and with the communication intentions. The form cannot be treated as a minor matter. In addition, grammar, spelling and writing must respect the rules without violating the readers’ language. Blog editors must get off the pedestal of knowledge and learn that this is a marketing action that involves multiple profiles—graphic designers, video editors, copy editors, etc.—. An excessively commercial editorial line .

The three main causes of reader

Language, tone, style, themes, etc., are part of this front. Content  is one of the areas most susceptible to failure, consciously or unconsciously. The three main causes of reader alienation caused by content are: a UAE Phone Number boring style . We already said it: the content cannot be corporate. It has to enchant, entertain and contribute to the reader! We must give ourselves the opportunity to build informal, conversational and witty content or tell stories with a human touch to communication.

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