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Through this article, Carnap disqualifi the philosophy of Martin Heidegger and subject to devastating criticism – using a neat procure of logical analysis – the way in which this philosopher had approach the subject, by making the notion of “nothing” central. » in his essay What is metaphysics? In this text, Heidegger had referr to metaphysics in terms that, without a doubt, were locat at the antipodes of the neopositivist position. In the memorable final lines of that essay, one finds ideas like these:

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It is decisive: first, make room for the entity in total; then, letting go of the moorings, abandoning oneself to nothingness, that is, freeing oneself from the idols that we all have and to which we surreptitiously try to embrace: finally, remaining b2b leads suspend so that the fundamental question of metaphysics, to which nothingness impels us, constantly resonates. “why is there being and not nothing?” (heidegger, 1983, p. 57). Assumptions of this kind prov to be particularly irritating to the disciplin analytical temper of the members of the vienna circle.

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 Fac with statements of this nature, the members of the Wiener Kreis , in full, saw themselves as the champions in the fight of science against metaphysical obscurantism. The proposal of logical positivism certainly had merit. But it UAE Phone Number was not so firm as to prevent, on various critical fronts, the suspicion from incubating that the disqualification of metaphysics had been not only summary, but also superficial to the extent that it ignor the deep-root human impulse, thirsting for unattainable things. although unavoidable absolutes, which animate metaphysics.

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