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 If metaphysics, as the Viennese brothers of the Wiener Kreis said, was made up of unverifiable statements, because it contain terms that could not be ruc to any plane of experience, and, therefore, lack any significance, thus becoming absurd How to classify the terms that they themselves us to explain the core of their doctrine? In the work of this philosophical brotherhood, the principle of verifiability, the protocol statements (those statements that would presumably be directly relat to the domain of the empirical, with that which, in principle, was accessible through experience) were brought to life.

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To the concept of methodological solipsism and physicalist language, to the diffuse distinction between theoretical concepts and observational concepts; well, did any of these concepts designate an entity whose existence could be establish business email list through experience? That is, could any of them be verifi? If the answer is negative, then what condition did those concepts possess? It seems that metaphysics, thrown out the door, was slipping back in through the window, as some insightful author has already point out (saltor, 1972, p. 122). Ludwig wittgenstein, the famous

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Austrian philosopher who, due to the topics cover and the way in which he addresses them in his famous Tractatus logico-philosophicus, was consider an author who align himself in the ranks of logical positivism, and, for this reason, he had been also seen as part of the crusade undertaken by Carnap and company UAE Phone Number against metaphysics, he left the distance that separat him from this vision well establish, showing, rather, a condescending closeness towards that alleg knowlge possessing a peculiar genealogy, in which the search of foundations seems to reveal man’s fruitless attempt to escape from contingency and chance (Rorty, 1996).

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