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 Wittgenstein does not use the term metaphysics, but speaks of “the mystical”, but mutatis mutandi , this is the same impulse that was reject by the members of the Wiener Kreis . In the same Tractatus , a work in which we will find brief reflections on the structure of the world and language, as well as cumbersome logical developments, and, in the middle of it, mitations with an evident metaphysical register, where he will leave this surprising passage: “We feel that even when all possible scientific questions have been answer, our vital problems have not yet been address in the slightest.

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A true declaration of principles that distances it significantly from the central positions of the Wiener Kreis . Metaphysics – to interpolate an incidental business lead personal appreciation – may be nothing more than the expression of that search that man undertook since for the first time – when that was, we will probably never know with certainty – he was able to formulate a question that He question the place he occupi in the cosmos upon realizing that he would not live forever.

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 The question about his fragile and perishable existence, and his determination to achieve essential tranquility through the UAE Phone Number apprehension of some sustenance in a world in which he found not only means to survive but, at every step, also obstacles to developing his life with tranquility. – until he surrender his weapons in the face of the final threat of death – perhaps it was the beginning of that task that came to be call metaphysics and that, as we have seen, seem to be the root of philosophical reflection.

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