The Code on the use of Influencers in Advertising establishes

Influencer marketing has been one of the big trends in the advertising industry. These public figures born of the digital age have become an essential part of the campaigns. But the nature of the content they create must be transparent. For this reason, the Monitoring Commission of the Protocol for the Promotion of Self-regulation on Advertising in Digital Media meets for the second time. With the aim of evaluating the operation of the “Code on the use of Influencers in Advertising” of the Spanish Association of Advertisers and AUTOCONTROL . Code to which more than 700 companies have adhered.

The Commission meets to evaluate the Influencer Advertising Code

The meeting was attended by representatives of the State Secretariat for Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence. The State Secretariat for Telecommunications and Digital Infrastructure. The Ministry of Consumer Affairs. The Spanish Association category email list of Advertisers (aea) and AUTOCONTROL. During the meeting. The accession of nearly 80 new entities to the Code to date in 2022 was highlighted. Therefore, which means a total of 771 entities in total . The Code is made up of a set of rules to help content creators correctly fulfill their obligation when identifying the advertising they have disseminated on their social networks. Therefore, among one of the main obligations is the identifiability of advertising content disseminated by influencers. 

Interpretative criteria of the Code

From within the Monitoring Commission, AUTOCONTROL expressed some of the interpretative criteria of the Code. For example. The use UAE Phone Number of a hashtag is not enough to reveal the advertising nature of a message . It is not compatible with the obligation of the Code according to which the indication or warning “must be immediate.┬áTherefore, at the meeting AUTOCONTROL and the AEA presented the launch of new dissemination and promotion activities to be implemented in the coming months.┬áTherefore, such as sending letters reminding all participating entities of the obligation to comply with the Code and organizing a training day.

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