After mocking the metaverse Iceland now laughs at the space tourism

Last year Visit Iceland, the body that promotes tourism in Iceland, made headlines around the globe with a hilarious ad that mocked Mark Zuckerberg’s metaverse . And now he returns to the fray with another spot (again covered with a lot of comedy) that draws blood from another “hype”: space tourism. Visit Iceland suggests in its advertisement that it is not necessary to travel to space to live an “extraterrestrial” experience , since with its unusual landscapes Iceland already makes visitors feel as if they were on another planet. Signed by the SS+K agency, the ad stars a man whose very expensive (and very brief) suborbital flight to space has been delayed and decides to travel instead to Iceland, where the landscapes.

From the Mark Zuckerberg clone

The ad includes a “cameo” who starred in last year’s Visit Iceland parody about the metaverse . As part of its new campaign, Iceland has also industry email list proposed sending a billboard into space to encourage space tourists (if there are any out there) to see the island of ice and fire as an alternative to their travels. If you do not see the embedded video correctly, click here Although it clearly seeks to make the viewer laugh, the truth is that Visit Iceland’s new advertisement anchors itself in 100% real data. After all, 39% of people believe that the grandiose Icelandic landscape is unusually similar to the (hypothetical) orography of other planets.

Mars are extraterrestrial adventures

Along these lines, many people imagine the landscape of  covered with red rocks (60%), volcanoes (21%) and black sand (15%) and it turns UAE Phone Number out that these three elements are present. in Iceland. “Our simple message: you don’t have to leave Earth to live an otherworldly experience ,” emphasizes Sigríður Dögg Guðmundsdóttir, head of Visit Iceland.  “Working with Visit Iceland has been an incredible experience,” says Stevie Archer, executive creative director of SS+K. «His appreciation of humor has not allowed us to train our satirical muscle. We don’t like to cling to what is currently happening in popular culture and this gives wings to our creativity in many ways.

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