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You have to reinvest the money received. The more you invest the money you receive back into the blog and yourself, the more and faster you will start to see results. point where the investment is no longer necessary and you can start enjoying the end result. This can also be done in another way. For example, I personally transfer 10% of the commissions / sales received once a week to an investment account. I accumulate money little by little and then spend it as needed. In this way, I can also enjoy the income myself, even if the amount of income is not always large.

Before long, you will be at the

 Now you have read 19 blog myths that you should no longer believe in 2023. Did I forget something? Is there a blogging myth that just won’t go new database away and is driving you to the brink of rage? Pin the post to Pinterest so you can find it later 19 blogging myths you should no longer believe in 2023 (if you want to be successful as a blogger)Start Blogging | Here’s how to write and publish your first post To start blogging , To understand technology | 5 Comments | Tiia Konttinen This can also be shared… like HBO’s theme songs 27 SHARES Facebook 19 Twitter Pinterest 8 LinkedIn Start Blogging |  first post | Starting a blog is always an exciting time.

How to write and publish your

The blog is set up and the next step is to modify the blog’s appearance a bit and then just write! To make starting blogging as easy and effortless as possible, I thought I’d write this short tutorial on how to write, publish and share a post on social media. Please note that these instructions are only for blogs that have been set up according to the instructions in the ” 3 Easy Steps to Start Blogging ” post. Read also: How do you start blogging? (Read this before starting a blog and avoid the biggest mistakes) Anna got 3500 visitors to her blog in 3 weeks – Read Anna’s interview UAE Phone Number What is the name of the blog? Start Blogging | Here’s how to write and publish your first post Before we start writing the post, I want to make sure a few settings are correct.

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