Essential ingredients to measure digital

Denise Bowen , Digital Marketing Consultant at WSI. Passionate essential-ingredients about helping businesses achieve their growth goals. Drawing on her essential ingredients extensive knowledge of digital marketing. Including UX, conversion rate optimization, paid advertising , and search engine optimization. Denise recently hosted a webinar on measuring digital marketing success. You can watch the recording here and read our summary below.

The benefits of measuring online lead generation activities

You can calculate the ROI (Return on Investment) by quantifying the money company data  that each initiative is returning to you. Thus you will know which one you should continue. Which effort you should stop or modify. This, in turn, will guide your marketing budget allocation decisions for the following year. Additionally, it’s not just marketing that can be modified. These metrics also give you insight into what changes your operations and systems require.

Better understand metrics

Website leads are generated when visitors achieve. A goal and convert on your website. These conversions may include. For example, phone calls (tracked via a Essential ingredients phone tracking service on your website page). Form submissions, newsletter signups, or online chats UAE Phone Number (e.g. how many chats were started compared to how many became customers. Website events are less direct actions that we want users to take anyway.

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