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When you first log into your blog’s control view, or ” Dashboard “, you may get a view like this: Start blogging If you wish, you can click either the ” Business ” or ” Personal ” buttons and then follow the instructions. I actually clicked on the ” I don’t need help ” link because I’m already familiar with WordPress. , which can be found at the bottom of the link list on the left. If you haven’t yet translated wordpress into Finnish, here’s how to do it. Click on ” Settings “, ” General ” and select ” Siten language ” Finland. Funnily enough, Finland is found next to the letter F, not S.

After that, we head to the settings

The correct address structure helps to get readers in the future as well After this, the next step is the address new data structure of the post, i.e. the article. This is extremely important because this can have a significant impact on how diligently people read old posts in the future. NOTE! If you already have a WordPress blog and you realize after this post that the address structure of your blog is wrong, never ever change the address structure afterwards . If you change, it causes the addresses of ALL posts (permalink / permanent link) to become new, and the old links no longer work. IF you want to change the address structure later, ALWAYS hire a professional to do this work. The address structure of the post can be found under Settings and Permalinks .  .

Select Post name from the list

 Many put the date or year in the address structure. However, this is not desirable because when people search for information on Google, they automatically want to find the latest information. No matter how great a post you have, if a reader sees that the address says /2015/07/11/, they won’t read the post. This is why it is very important that the address structure DOES NOT contain anything other than the name of the post. If the address has e.g. p=123, this does not tell Google anything about the content of the post. In terms of search engine optimization, Google must also find a search term or phrase UAE Phone Number in the post’s address, i.e. in the permalink. Start blogging Front page or posts on the front page? The last important setting can be found under Reading. Here you can choose which page appears as the front page.

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