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 You can also display blog posts on the front page, but in some themes the blog posts on the front page do not look good. As a starting point, I always recommend that the front page is the front page and the blog has its own page. In WordPress, a separate page is created for the blog, which is simply called Blog or, if your blog is in English, the word Blog. Setting up a blog page is done like this: Click on the pages Add a new page In the title, write Blogi / Blog Publish the page Ready!  page are connected to each other like this: Settings and reading In the Articles page or “Posts page” select Blog / blog Save settings On the same settings page, we can still make one change.

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 Under ” For each article in the feed, show” change to ” Excerpt ” or ” Summary “. This setting means that small latest database fragments of the posts are displayed, and not the entire text, which makes it easier for the reader to browse through the posts. You can use the example here to see what the abbreviations look like. Whenever you make changes to the settings, remember to scroll to the bottom of the page and save the settings. Start blogging If you want to see videos on how to set up the blog settings correctly and how to write a blog, join the free blog coaching and join the coaching Facebook community. Writing a post Start writing a post by selecting “ Articles ” and “ Add New ” on the left. I always recommend that the blog post title be the last thing written. In this way, you make sure that the title sums up the content and does not mislead the reader. the instructions I gave earlier about the layout of the post: Write short sentences Write short paragraphs Use subheadings More pictures Don’t be a jerk Don’t write complicated language, i.e.

Write the desired amount of text and remember

Jargon Read also: Is writing a blog stuck? 8 tips to help you sort through the pile of white paper 8 tips on how to overcome the fear of the “first post”. When the post is ready, you UAE Phone Number can publish it by clicking the ” Publish ” button. But before that, a couple of chats will be confirmed Scroll down the article and add the category, keywords and cover image of the article on the right side. Read also: What is the difference between categories, tags, keywords and search terms? Start blogging You can download article images for free from, for example, various image banks or use your own images. You can reduce images with, for example, Picmonkey or Canva. I personally prefer 640 x 540 px for cover photos in my own posts, so that the image is also visible on Facebook.

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