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Once the post is written and the categories selected, you can save the post and preview it. Before saving, I recommend doing the following: Paint the entire text and copy it behind the mouse . After that, save the post. More than once a post has disappeared like ashes in the wind when  article. Sometimes the internet connection may also fail, which means that the blog throws you out right when saving and the text you wrote with hard work is lost. So copy the text behind the mouse every time before you save and/or publish the post. The preview window always opens in another tab. Below is an example image of the post I’ve used in this tutorial.

WordPress has thrown me out of the

If you are satisfied with the post, you can then either publish the post or schedule it for later. Timing happens like this: Click ” Publish ” from the box, ” Publish now” after the ” Edit ” link. Select the special data date, month, year and time when you want to publish the post When you click ” Ok “, the text ” Publish e ” changes to ” Time ” Click ” Time ” and the post is ready hand, WordPress automatically publishes the post, after which it is ready to be shared on social media Start blogging Sharing the post on social media Whoah whoah! We have the first post written and published, the next step is to share the post on social media. This can be done in two different ways.

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 Post sharing via share buttons In WordPress, there is an option to download free plugins that can be used to add share buttons to posts. There are different add-ons, or plugins, so there is plenty to choose from. In this example, I’m using a plugin called Social pug. You can find UAE Phone Number instructions for downloading and implementing add-ons in my free online training, where I help you set up a blog and start blogging. When I start sharing a post on Facebook, I copy a short snippet of text from the post. The text can be right from the beginning or from the middle of the post. Of course, the most important thing is that the piece of text arouses interest and curiosity to come and read the post. After that, I click on the button of the social media channel where I want to share the post. In this example, I’m sharing a post on Facebook.

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