Can You Sell With Just Your Phone

The Shopee app and the Lazada Seller app allow you to sell products even if you’re only using your phone.

You can display your product list directly using only your mobile phone. However, during order processing, you will need a computer and a printer to print the waybills. If this is not available, you have two alternatives:

  • Visit your nearest computer or internet shop to print the waybill
  • Choose a drop-off when you fulfill your order. You only need to print your own waybill if you choose a courier to pick up your order from your home

As for marketing your products, the Lazada seller app allows you to create vouchers and follow promos right from the app. Meanwhile, the Shopee app doesn’t give you a choice but you can still create promos and vouchers for your customers by logging into your Shopee seller center account via your mobile browser.

Partner Support Center vs. Shopee Customer Service

Below is a comparison of Lazada and Shopee in terms of availability, ease of contact and how complaints are resolve.

Lazada PSC is available from 9am to 7pm Monday to Saturday excluding holidays for your Computer Science business.

If you have a more technical issue, you can also send a ticket via the email form, and then the CS team will contact you within 24 to 48 hours for an actionable solution.


You can find it in the Lazada Seller Center help center.

Shopee, on the other hand, is available 24/7 if you contact them using the Shopee app. However, they do not have whatsapp mobile number list live chat support for people who use the web to access the Shopee seller center. But in regards to that, you can still contact them via landline.

Due to Shopee’s live chat support available 24/7, Shopee is easier to contact compared to Lazada because if you send them a ticket, they should call you back within 24-48 hours.

How They Address Your Complaints

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Within the 24-48 hour range of your waiting time for a response from the Lazada team, they will forward your concern to the appropriate department and then reply with a resolution. If the team needs more information, they’ll email you a question and then share that info with their respective departments.

On the downside, there are cases when Lazada CS takes more than 48 hours to solve your problem. There are also instances when the team marks your ticket as resolved even though your concern has not been resolved.

Selling on Lazada vs Shopee: A Direct Unbiased Comparison

Meanwhile, what happens when you contact Shopee live support is that you will be asked to select a category that UAE Phone Number concerns you.

That way, the agent assigned to you is aware of your problem. The assigned agent will try to solve your problem to the best of his ability. If your concern requires more technical know-how, he will escalate the matter to a higher department and you will be advised to follow up within 1-2 days.

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