Based on statistical data, Lazada wins the popularity game against Shopee with 32 million monthly users while Shopee only has 16 million monthly users according to iPrice 2019 report.  85% of all Lazada orders are picked up and shipped by LEL Express. While the rest is handled by Lazada partners. Meanwhile, Shopee distributes orders evenly to all of its courier partners. Due to high demand for Lazada + limited courier options vs Shopee’s even delivery options, Shopee is more efficient when it comes to 3PL partners for the first mile.

Delivery Period To End Customers

The delivery time frame for Shopee and Lazada is 2-5 days for local orders. As for overseas shipments, customers will receive parcels between 5-14 days.

Finance And Ease Of Payment How do you receive payments for both markets? For Lazada, in terms of payment releases, there phone number list was a deadline last week’s Thursday and this week’s Wednesday. This means that all orders that have been tagged as shipped during the Thursday of last week and Wednesday of this week will be released to your bank account on the Thursday of this week.

Selling on Lazada vs Shopee: A Direct Unbiased Comparison

To start receiving your payments, you’ll need to update your profile information. Simply go to the Lazada seller center and then hover over Account and then click on Profile.

For Shopee, payment for each order will be reflected on your balance after the customer taps “order received” or after the Shopee Guarantee period.

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Selling on Lazada vs Shopee: A Direct Unbiased Comparison
phone number list

Click Add Bank Account.

Selling on Lazada vs Shopee: A Direct Unbiased Comparison

And then enter your full name as it appears on your bank account. Select your bank account name and your account number. Click Save.

You will receive a confirmation UAE Phone Number code on your mobile number to verify updates to your account details. Once you have successfully linked your bank account to Shopee, you will be able to withdraw your funds to that account. The transfer will be processed and will appear in your bank account within 2 to 3 days.

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