The developer will have to inform us of any optimization

 Here are the questions that were ask  to andrea fasoli during the webinar how are gestures manag  for ios apps on mac? This is a great question. Some apps are already optimiz  for the m1 and apple reports this. In all other cases we will find the indication “not verifi  for macos”. Some gestures may therefore not work. The developer will have to inform us of any optimization of the app. But does anyone who buys a mac with an m1 chip become a kind of tester? No. The testers already receiv  the test mac mini at the beginning of 2020. The chip from the iphone a14 was present inside the test kit.

In the past it was the task


 The product has therefore been extensively test country email list before you. Does the m1 chip also include the t2 processor? Everything that concerns the security of the mac no longer passes through a d icat  processor. The t2. But we now find it directly integrat  into the m1 chip. All disk encryption and decryption operations. For example. Are manag  directly by the m1 chip. In the past it was the task of the t2 processor. Given apple’s inability to touch intel components. But now the problem is overcome and users can rest assur  on the security front.

Therefore greater emphasis on the


 We said that the m1 chip has 8 gigabytes but in fact how many “real” gigabytes would this correspond to? For the UAE Phone Number first time in years in the summary section of information on our mac the calculation frequency is more indicat  as it once was with intel processors; apple is importing the iphone and ipad approach into the desktop world. Therefore greater emphasis on the hertz/watt ratio rather than on the individual megahertz of the cores. The reason for this choice? Emphasize the idea of obtaining maximum power at minimum energy consumption. Rather than chasing an idea of maximum power at the expense of energy efficiency.

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