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 In any case. The m1 has 8 cores. 4 high efficiency 2ghz and 4 high performance 3.2ghz. Which are activat  at different times bas  on the occasion of use. The ram. However. Is currently 16 gigabytes (maximum) because the lpddr4x modules us  at the moment cannot be built in larger blocks. Compatibility with graphics applications. Autodesk and adobe? It is likely that autodesk will optimize its applications for the m1 chip. Adobe is working on m1-specific versions; at the moment photoshop and lightroom are already optimiz . Let’s remember that we are still in a transition phase. A phase that according to apple could last two years.

Where can i see if my application


 What is rosetta 2 and why is it found on macs email List with the m1 chip? Whenever we have an application that is not specific to the m1 chip. Rosetta 2 comes into play. A translation system that adapts what was originally design  for intel x86/64 on my m1 chip. Where can i see if my application is native or rosetta is adapting it? System information is the place to check this. In the applications part there will be a column that will indicate whether the application is universal or develop  for m1 chips or if it is still on intel (this means that rosetta 2 will intervene).

Microsoft limit the use of the windows


 There is a slight performance degradation with rosetta 2. But it is very marginal. The column also includes apps UAE Phone Number develop  for ios. But which can still work on macs with the new chip. I’ve seen parallels. The real doubt is… Will they be able to run virtual machines? Both parallels and vmware with its fusion have begun working on the virtualization front. However. Microsoft limit  the use of the windows rt license (version for arm processors) to a single device. Parallels has releas  a free trial version on which you can install a windows rt iso to virtualize microsoft’s operating system on the m1 chip.

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