Marketing Automation for clients 04 Cross Selling

As much as I liked cross bikes… (nothing better has come out of this one). As I said at the beginning, it could be much easier to sell something new to an existing customer than to a stranger. TRUE? So, why not make sure that the client knows the rest of the services in our portfolio? Who knows! It could be in the same email as the previous point (that of the boss, who seems to be given more attention) or in a new one, it never hurts to present our complete portfolio of services to the client.

Marketing Automation for clients 05: detection of new interests

Imagine that you have a client who has hired you to build a website, with a monthly maintenance plan. After a while, the client, satisfied with their website, begins to have category email list concerns related to Social Media. He carries out a search and begins to study different agencies that offer that service. For your part, you know that you provide that service but that it is not your “star service . ” However, since he is already a client, hiring him with you would bring him certain extra benefits (better prices, agility, etc.) that he has not thought about. don’t you think?

Closing what is a gerund… be careful with the egg

AHA! Be careful with the egg, it’s not like “don’t cross your legs because you catch it and you know they hurt a lot.” OK? It is reminding you UAE Phone Number of an important point and that is that you do not have to apply things “as is” but rather apply a critical vision adapted to your own case, yes or no? . In this post , well, apart from the egg thing and reminding you that I need you, I have told you some applications that you could make to email marketing automation from the perspective of preserving and improving the relationship with your client rather than with the acquisition .

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