Marketing Automation for clients 01 A very useful welcome

At Grupo Graphic we have a very horizontal structure, based on the responsibilities (roles) of each team member. Therefore, it is very common for each one to communicate directly with the client in relation to the tasks that are within their competence . But, as a general rule, when the client becomes such, he has only spoken with the person who did the commercial work. Therefore, so that he feels cared for and knows at all times who to contact and in relation to what, it might be wise to send him an initial welcome email introducing him to the people who make up the team .

Marketing Automation for clients 02: we have been together for a month now

Don’t even think about applying this point without thinking first , okay? Nor any of the above. OK? Come on, here’s the trick : you can cook an egg in the microwave simply by piercing the shell on both sides. Hey, try it! In my experience, at industry email list least in my sector, after 30 days a client is at a magical point: they already know how we work and maintain their positive opinion of us . TRUE? Wait! Seriously, ask yourself. Do not put the egg directly in the microwave. Have your own criteria because it may not be like that in your case.

Marketing Automation for clients 03: Feedback from the boss

Yes, we will all be very modern, but an advertisement comes on TV for a “toilet with a flush of water” and we are shocked. TRUE? Ains, ains. The same thing happens a little with the “give me wax I like”. No matter how horizontal UAE Phone Number we are, we like it when someone “more important” is interested in our level of satisfaction. TRUE? Therefore, after 3 months of becoming a customer, a new email arrives interested in obtaining feedback but this time from management, not from the online department itself .

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