What to see in Kyoto in 3 days travel guide

Many travelers ask us: what to do in Kyoto? Well, if you plan to spend a week in Japan, three days in Tokyo and three days in Kyoto are perfect for discovering the two capitals of Japan: the traditional and the modern.

We present you this guide with the best of Kyoto to enjoy with ideas on what to see, where to go and how to use your Japan Rail Pass to move around the city, knowing its temples, gardens and the geisha district. Arashiyama Bamboo Forest

If you are going to spend a week in Japan and have three days in Kyoto

be sure to spend one of them visiting Arashiyama, a small Latest Mailing Database town located 20 minutes outside of the city , making it perfect for a day trip. in Kyoto.

Take the JR Sanin Train Line from Kyoto Station to Saga–Arashiyama Station . The train takes about 40 minutes to complete the journey, and once there, don’t miss the wonderful bamboo grove. The small paths that run between these trees will allow you to enjoy a magnificent walk. Especially at sunset, the light of the sun’s rays sneaks timidly between the tall stems that the wind sways, creating a unique vision that you will not find anywhere else in the world .

This “monkey” park is located in the Arashiyama mountains , on the left side of the Oi River, whose course runs through the entire area.

You will have to walk uphill for about ten minutes before reaching a large area where there are more than 100 monkeys swinging from one tree to another.

This park is especially popular with foreign visitors who want to see how the Japanese macaque

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Also known as the snow monkey because  of its white UAE Phone Number fur behaves . In addition, you will have the opportunity to see wild deer and more than a hundred species of birds among the trees.

A piece of advice : once in Iwatayama Monkey Park, take the opportunity to take a walk and contemplate the views of nature and the city from above.

Adashino Nenbutsuji Temple
It is an old temple from the 9th century that is unique in that all the land that surrounds it is covered with statues that pay homage to the deceased. The place loaded with spirituality and its back will lead you to a beautiful bamboo forest.

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