The Key to Product Industry Growth Email Marketing

In other situations the search intent may The Key not be so clear due to various factors such as the domain authority that we have already mentioned or the scarcity of good content in Google’s index. Now we have to decide the structure, so come with me to the next point. Content structure: headings It is very important that you pay attention to this part of SEO writing. The structure of the content is what gives coherence to all the text not only before the user but also before Google and other search engines. Headings are what structure the hierarchy of information contained in the text and what give meaning to the content, so you must decide well how you are going to use them.

Important that you The Key pay attention to this part of SEO writing

In the case at hand, it will be very easy to top industry data establish this basic structure with an H2 for the introduction, another H2 that will in turn include the sites and monuments each in an H3 and a last H2 in the form of a conclusion, for example. Whenever you write content you have to be clear about which parts of it derive from the main topic, how many topics are touched on, etc… to be able to structure it and give it meaning. And if you have doubts, I recommend taking a look at the structures that your competitors are using. To do this, you can analyze the SERPs, as we just did in the previous section.

I recommend taking a look at the structures that your competitors

Or use the DinoRANK WDF*DF module where you can see the UAE Phone Number headers of the first 10 Google results. This makes it much easier for you to study the results since, as you see in the screenshot, we can directly see the structure of the first URL without having to access it. And so on until the tenth result. Now that you have the structure of the content and you know what words and terms you should include in it, it makes you want to start writing, right? And you are right, it is what we have to do now, but first we must investigate to find the information we need. Let’s go to the next section and I will give you some advice about it.

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