The Gig Economy is Booming for Marketers

 What makes this finding interesting is that these aren’t the skills you normally associate with a marketing professional. It means that in 2022 the role of a marketer is evolving to become nuance with a broader and more complex skillset. That being said. Companies also want solid and applicable marketing skills such as paid search. Social meia. Analytics. Website optimization and content marketing. The acceleration in online browsing and purchasing has shown that the skills in an organization nee to match audience behavior and nees. And it’s these skills alongside the future skills name above that are difficult to find. This makes for fierce competition in companies of all sizes for skille marketers with digital skills. But there’s a flip side for candidates.

The most desirable jobs

The most desirable jobs are also the most sought after. “it’s a candidate’s market. But getting the most desirable jobs will always be competitive.” states orla stack. Dmi’s hr director. So. What latest database should people do to give themselves the best chance of landing the job they want? Stack believes marketers nee to “sit back and think about where they see their career going and look at where the opportunities are in the market. The digital space is huge and is going to keep growing. So look at where their current skillset lies. Are they looking for a change. And if so.

 How can they upskill

The gig economy is booming for marketers this new way of working has create a booming gig economy (a labor market for short-term contracts and freelancers). It’s now more UAE Phone Number than possible to become a freelance digital marketer and earn a good living in 2022. In fact. In 2021. Upwork’s 2021 freelance forward survey reporte that freelancers contribute $1.3 trillion to the u.s. Economy. Up $100 million from the previous year. A study of u.s professionals by upwork found that 20 percent (10 million people) are considering leaving full-time work to freelance. Out of that. 73 percent cite remote working and flexibility as the key reason for that decision.

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