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You can successfully implement course sales through the LearnDash website. One of the most powerful tools that LearnDash offers is LearnDash Shortcodes . You can plug these shortcodes into the HTML tab of your WordPress backend and get the desired result without writing 100 lines of code. You must be wondering what types of shortcodes LearnDash offers? Read the article and you will not only know all the shortcodes that LearnDash offers, but also what each shortcode can do when connected. We have already reviewed LearnDash. To know more LearnDash review Click here. What are LearnDash shortcodes and how to use them?

ID user course points short code

As mentioned earlier, shortcodes are short snippets that save a lot of time that would be spent on coding. These shortcodes are mainly used to collect Latest Mailing Database information about a page on your site, which could be a course page, a quiz, or even a chapter page. Another function of the shortcode is to customize the display and information of the certificate. Let’s take a look at all the shortcodes LearnDash has to offer. sisu [ hide ] With LearnDash Shortcodes 2023 features List of main shortcodes with their functions 1. ID profile 2. ID user course points short code 3. LearnDash Course Progress Shortcode.

Latest Mailing Database

LearnDash Course Progress Shortcode

Id Short code of the course list 5D Quiz List 7. List of ID groups 8. Course content LearnDash Shortcode 9. User groups 10. Id Course Expire Status UAE Phone Number LearnDash Shortcode 11. Id Video LearnDash Shortcode 12. LearnDashi maksenupud 13. Learndash Login 14. Id Course information Display your content conditionally with LearnDash shortcodes 1. Visitors 2. student 3. The course has not started 4. Course completion short code Certificate Shortcodes provided by LearnDash 1. User meta 2. Course Information LearnDash Shortcode 3. Quiz Information LearnDash Pricing: Learndash Shortcodes LearnDash Shortcode FAQ: What are the payment integrations with LearnDash? about LearnDash customer service? Conclusion: LearnDash Shortcode 2023 With LearnDash Shortcodes 2023 features List of main shortcodes with their functions.

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