CRO is the acronym for conversion rate

Optimization, Or, in literal translation, conversion rate optimization, This discipline comes in after your website already has a considerable volume of visits , And now your company nes to focus on converting this traffic, CRO usually involves understanding what the public really wants on a page, and adapting it to direct the user towards conversion, This is done primarily in an analytical, data-bas way, In other words, the CRO team initially collects information from your website and then understands how it can be improv to increase results, Some common CRO tools are: a/b testing; heat maps; user surveys; measuring tools, 3,2, What is the objective: What is expect from CRO is very simple: increase the conversion rate on a website.

With the same volume of visits

Landing page, In practice, if you receive 1,000 visits to your website and make 10 sales, conversion optimization will work to increase these 10 sales with the same volume of visits, To achieve this, the methodology will be appli to review the structure of your online channel, carrying out tests with key points of the contact point structure: title; description; benefits; calls to action; customer testimonials; images; among others, 3,3, When to invest: If your company already invests in acquiring traffic, whether via sponsor links, SEO, email marketing or offline mia, it is likely that your website or landing page already  new database  has a good volume of visits, However, if there is no measurement of conversions or improvement of interfaces, what is happening, in practice, is that you are filling a leaky bucket.

How to measure the result

 This is because the majority of your audience accesses the website and does not convert, because there was no optimization , The channel is bad and does not convince the user to leave their information or take an action, So, as soon as an organization starts to have a volume of visits, CRO nes to be consider, Whether in the context of landing pages or on your website, 3,4, How to measure the result: As CRO is a very specific discipline, its primary indicator is in fact the conversion rate, The important thing is to align this indicator clearly , so that measurement deviations do not occur, What must UAE Phone Number  be done in this regard is to define some points: What is the expect conversion? Fill out form, call, buy, click.

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