Ahmad was determined to become

“Measuring the creation of a program by the number of lines of code is like measuring the creation of an airplane by its weight.” (Bill Gates) What Is JavaScript? Functions and Examples – by Rendi Juliarto , Intern Junior Developers to Get Job . Applications Ahmad was determined to become while Still Studying.  Ahmad Suyadi (23 years), a developer from Semarang, can be proud. Even though he is still in his 7th semester at the Udinus campus. Ahmad has received a job offer at one of the state-owned companies in Indonesia. Vamely PT Perkebunan Nusantara IX.coding with the help of Baparekraf was connected to my work as a developer during the pandemic. Alhamdulillah.

What’s the story like? Let’s take

A look It’s Time for Developers to Apply for Company Jobs: 3 Keys Having loved coding since high school,a developer. To achieve his dream, at Dian Nuswantoro University, Semarang. According to him, the programming profession is very ws data challenging and rewarding. Through blogging , this diligent student also had the opportunity to earn his first income, precisely from AdMob and blogging. Reflecting on his experience so far, these 3 (three) factors are . What according to Ahmad, succeeded in making him a developer in the job.  Not a thesis, thesis, or dummy / prototype / prototype. only have skills, but also proven experience. The higher the quality and quantity of work in your portfolio, the greater your chance of a career at a well-known company. Initially Ahmad did not have his own portfolio.

That’s why Ahmad took the Learning

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To Make Android Applications for Beginners class in Dicoding. In his final class submission as seen on Playstore. For a solo project with a development period of just 1 month, the results did not disappoint! Facing the pandemic Created in an instant, the APOLLO application became a mainstay for Tugurejo District Hospital employees during WFH. Want to Uae Phone Number continue working in the field of public health services. It turns out that these three works are not the only ones he offers. Now he is working on another application called “SIMRS” to be launched at the end of 2021. This work will be an information system for hospital management, handling Covid-19, and services for patients and prospective patients. Closing the interview that day, Fathony admitted that he was grateful to be given such a big responsibility and the freedom to produce work that helps deal with the pandemic at the provincial level. “It turns out that the knowledge I gained .

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