And you don’t need a professional to do it. According to Optinmonster, 77% of internet users read blogs; In fact, blogging businesses turn their readers into customers. The good news is that you  can start your own blog for under $100, whether you blog for business or personal use. Let’s go through 7 easy steps to get your blog up and running! Step 1 Choose a niche Step 2 Choose a blogging platform Step 3 Choose a domain name Step 4 Get web hosting Step 5 Setting up WordPress Step 6 Writing down the first draft Step 7 Optimize the blog for SEO content [ hide ] Step1 Choose a niche: Follow your passion.

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Step 2 Choosing a blogging platform: Step  Choosing a domain name: Domain name generators Step 4 Get web hosting: Step 5 Setting Up WordPress: 1. Install the database RankMath SEO plugin on your blog 2. Permalink structure 3. Image optimization plugin 4. Spam control, security and backup Step 1 Choose a niche: The goal is to start a blog with an idea that can help many people. There are lots of ideas, but the real challenge comes when trying to figure out what works best for you and your reader’s needs. Here are 3 simple steps to finding the perfect niche for your blog: Follow your passion: We all have something we are very passionate about. It doesn’t matter how easy or hard it is, we love doing it, so find out what you’re crazy passionate about, and if you’re great at something, lend your expertise! Step 2 Choosing a blogging platform.


Spam Control, Security and Backup

Blogging platforms are nothing but a type of content management. System where you can organize not only the design of your blog, but also the content UAE Phone Number and media. A blogging platform is where you not only store and. Organize your content, media, but also helps you customize your blog. Here are the best content management software fromMarket Share. (The diagram with a beautiful design can be found here: CMS market share analysis. November 2020 • ) Self-hosted vs free hosting platform. Self-hosted platforms are easy to build, design, and allow you to connect . A domain name of your choice; that means you’re in full control! But it will cost you a few bucks. On the other hand, hosting blogging solutions like.

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