Creates a personalized viewing

Potential drawbacks: Forcing yourself into trends that you don’t belong in can easily become cringe. 10. Create Videos For Different Personas When season two of the Game of Thrones spin-off House of the Dragon was advertising, they created two different trailers for fans of each of the two different warring houses. What resulted was a group of fans who felt that their advertising

experience was being

catered to them, and it got people Qatar Mobile Number List talking. Even if you’re using the same footage, catering your editing and messaging to different user personas can make your videos feel more personal. Benefits:  experience that will send the right messaging to different audience members, drawing in a wide range of people.

Potential drawbacks:

It may take more work to shoot additional footage, or edit footage to cater to different people. What Is the Most Popular Form of Video Brazil Phone Number List Marketing? Short-form videos on platforms like TikTok are currently the most popular form of video marketing. Short-form videos cater to the attention span of the younger generation and allow brands to get their point across quickly and in a way that viewers will understand.

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